SLANG EDITORIAL: E-40 Says You’re “Game Doofy” If You Don’t Get His Music

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E-40 is King of creating new slang in hip hop and we all know he creates a new term damn near everyday. I recently interviewed E-40, who just released 2 albums Revenue Retrieving, Graveyard Shift and Revenue Retrieving, Overtime Shift. Now I didn’t catch the slang terms during our interview but as I replayed the audio, I  found myself saying, huh? I repeated a few of the terms to a few co-workers in the office to only receive responses like, “Excuse me?!” I decided to get you guys to help me figure out these slang terms.

Check out the terms below and help me  figure out the meaning.

Game Doofy- (“If you game doofy then you ain’t gone understand”) I assume this would mean having lack of knowledge about gangsters.

Ghetto Golden-  (“I’m Ghetto Golden”) Having a high status in the hood.

Gouda- (“I’m gone get Goudaed up”)  Getting Money, Cheese, Paper.

Dujillas- (“They ain’t do their Dujillas and read up on the history”) Do your research!

Go pick up both E-40 albums “Revenue Retrieving: Graveyard Shift And Overtime Shift” in stores now!

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